Your Crypto.
Your World.
Your Life.

Unlock the purchasing power of crypto without needing to sell your digital assets. Access the world's first true crypto backed credit card without the need for lengthy approvals or credit checks.
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Multiple Wallets.
Hundreds of Coins With Full Flexibility.

Do more with your cash and crypto holdings. Buy, sell, trade, borrow against your crypto and save with confidence. Create unlimited wallets to easily manage all your financial goals.
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Freedom in Travel. Discover Your
World On Crypto.

Do more and get more with your Connect membership and crypto-backed credit cards. Borrow against your crypto and access industry leading benefits including transaction insurance, travel perks and exclusive concierge service.
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CONNECT Your World. Your Crypto. Your Life.

Enjoy a credit card powered by your crypto holdings with zero-touch on your coin value. It’s time to live more and do more with your crypto.
Connect Crypto Cards
Pay Worldwide

Pay Worldwide

Enjoy your crypto credit card globally in 200 countries at 46+ million merchants through our elite partner network.

Fast and Easy Payments

Fast & Easy

Simply sign up, select a card and fund your collateral wallet. No credit checks or lengthy application processes.

Payment Freedom

Payment Freedom

Settle on your terms with flexible payment options, low minimum payment amounts and interest as low as 7.90%.

Grow Your Digital Assets

Maintain Assets

Access the spending power of your digital assets with a credit card that doesn't force you to sell your crypto.

Unlimited Crypto Credit Cards

Unlimited Cards

A crypto-backed credit card for every use. Choose to have multiple cards attached to a single account.


Do More Than Store.

Optimize your finances by creating unlimited wallets designed to get more from your crypto and your cash.

Buy and sell from transactional wallets, borrow against your crypto, and store your assets in insured savings vaults. We bring simplicity to the management of your digital investments - so you can focus on growing them.
Wallet Flexibility


Create unlimited wallets and fund them with flexible options. Buy crypto, receive coins and deposit fiat currency.

Store with Trust

Complete Control

Confidently manage your crypto and fiat within the ecosystem. Create a range of wallets that meet your financial goals.

Connect Cash

Connect Cash

Connect crypto and fiat with ease. Store fiat in your wallet to manage crypto card payments or buy/sell hassle-free.


Multi-Factor Security

Wallets are safeguarded by MPC, 2FA and industry standard security protocols to provide the highest level of protection.

Grow Your Crypto.

We know the value in holding crypto assets to extend their full appreciation potential. Our products allow you to leverage and enjoy the benefits of your crypto portfolio with zero-touch on your investment.

Stay Updated.

We're working hard to bring enriched innovation to our features and products along with more rewards to you our valued customers. Join the waitlist to be the first to know about the latest Connect Financial developments.