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Connect Financial Expands Team to Support Marketing and Product Developments

Posted on May 26, 2022. View press release on Newswire.

CALGARY, Alberta, May 25, 2022 ( - Connect Financial, an innovative cryptocurrency financial platform, announces today the expansion of their team and welcomes Chantel Meeley as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

Chantel Meeley comes to the team with a wide range of creative, marketing and user experience design skills she has obtained over nearly 14 years. She has facilitated many CMO and Head of UIUX design positions for large, fully global businesses within Fintech, gaming, crypto, data providers and risk management solutions offering KYC, KYB, anti-fraud, and regulatory compliance.

Chantel brings highly talented design skills paired with a data-driven and optimal user experience approach to her marketing services, creative designs, messaging and market positioning. She develops strategic marketing plans to accelerate brand awareness, customer engagement, acquisition, market penetration, retention, and customer lifetime value. Additionally, Chantel specializes in strategic Software-As-A-Service product developments and provides modern UIUX design to exceed users' expectations.

"In startups, you typically wear multiple hats, and I have found a marriage between marketing and product UIUX. From the first moment an individual engages with a marketing tactic through to their experience within the platform, ensuring the best user engagement and experience possible is essential to overall success," states Chantel Meeley, CMO/CXO, Connect Financial.

Our ever-changing and fast-paced global online ecosystem requires steadiness, stability, and the ability to differentiate and motivate innovation. Over the years, Chantel has worked in these technology-driven verticals; she brings these essential virtues and abundant in-depth market knowledge and experience to support Connect Financial. Her creative eye and collaboration enable her to guide product and marketing visions to ensure business growth. She has already been driving the platform UIUX and has established Connect's marketing messaging, brand style, collateral and strategic marketing plans to gear up for a full product launch.

Chantel states, "Since joining the Connect Financial team, I have been impressed with the talent, the innovator thinkers, and the team collaboration to truly work together. Our foundational marketing components are active, and I'm excited to launch our product and take our marketing to a global scale."

About Chantel
Chantel has worked with many startups to develop their product and marketing and has seen them become publically traded or acquired. Additionally, she has worked for large enterprise-level organizations enriching their developed vision.

Previously, Chantel held roles such as Head of Design at Redfall Technologies and Head of Design at Vogogo, where she supported their marketing and platform UIUX and assisted with many crypto exchanges' user experience design to optimize the buy/sell flows with fiat transactions. She was Head of UIUX for Sprize Inc., Creative Designer for TransUnion, Creative Design for Au10tix, Head of UIUX for gaming, CMO and Head of UIUX for global data and risk management provider 4Stop - now owned and operated by Jumio, a silicon valley company. For more information, please visit her LinkedIn.

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