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Connect Financial Expands Team to Support Product and Business Developments

Posted on May 25, 2022. View press release on Newswire.

CALGARY, Alberta, May 25, 2022 ( - Connect Financial, an innovative cryptocurrency financial platform, announces today the expansion of its team and welcomes Christo Brown as its new Director of Product.

As a product director, Christo constantly manages outside forces from savvy competitors, technology innovations, user expectations, and the economic environments. As part of Connect Financial's upcoming ecosystem launch, Christo will be overseeing the platform delivery and product-related go-to-market activities and is also responsible for planning the overall product portfolio.

"I am passionate about establishing product-led organizations by integrating modern software development and product management principles. In today's era, online platforms are never complete at launch. They need to constantly evolve and adapt to how users interact with features in a constantly changing competitive environment. Especially in web3, companies need to be agile to succeed," states Christo Brown, Product Director," Connect Financial.

Christo brings 15 years of experience as a customer experience and product leader to the company. He has held several senior roles within a diverse range of startups, focusing on developing products, growth strategies and establishing product-market fit. Recently, Christo led the product expansion of subscription-based support services for the world's largest mobile device protection provider that serviced millions of customers across APAC.

Christo continued, "I am privileged to consider myself a part of the Connect Financial team. The product that we are delivering is truly innovative and will change the way customers use their cash and crypto to borrow, save and transact. I am looking forward to helping grow the Connect Financial brand alongside a talented team and a vibrant community."

About Christo
Christo has been a Product Consultant, working with early-stage startups to develop their product strategy, obtain funding and bring new products to market. Previously, he has held leadership positions in product management, content and training for companies, including Asurion, AsurePay, BT Projects and Telstra.

At Asurion, Christo was based in Singapore and played a key role in leading the launch and growth strategy for the Soluto product suite within the Asian Pacific market. Previously, he was part of the core team that launched Australia's flagship device protection product.

Christo holds a degree in Communications from Auckland University of Technology. For more information on Christo, visit his LinkedIn.

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