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"Anything" Loan.

Say good-bye to cumbersome credit loans and welcome a new modern approach to obtaining the credit you need - fully in your control. Leverage your crypto spending power and instantly borrow funds with rates starting at 0.0% APR.

Crypto Money.

Make your crypto work for you and instantly borrow funds while you continue to let your crypto grow and not be sold.

We put a modern and innovative edge on borrowing funds. Regardless of the loan type or the amount you require we are your financial partner giving you full control. Get the loan you need without credit checks, lengthy application processes, pentalty fees or repayment schedules.
Connect Crypto Cards
Personal Loan

Personal Loans

For anything your life demands; moving, electronics, weddings, emergencies, medical treatment and more you’re covered.

Car Loan

Auto Loans

Have your eye on the new electric vehicle? The new hybrid? Luxury vehicle? Leverage your crypto to put you behind the driver seat.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loans

Whether you just want to put down more on your dream house or need to support your home purchase down payment, it's yours.

Home Loan

Home Loans

Don't wait for your dream remodel, the designer kitchen, the spa-infused bathroom or any renovation, time is now to dream big.

Student Loan

Investment Loans

Instantly leverage cash to expand your crypto investment portfolio to maximise your returns based on market growth and potential.

Family Loan

Family Loans

Life happens and family life can come with surprises and financial needs. Get the funds your family needs, in one platform.

Student Loan

Student Loans

Whether for yourself or a child is hitting the books. Take education in your control without high interest rates and payback schedules.

Travel Loan

Travel Loans

Dreaming of that beautiful vacation? Somewhere hot? Somewhere over sea? Leverage your crypto to take you there.

Dept Loan

Debt Consolidation

Streamline all your debt payments into one consolidated loan with hassle-free payments and low interest in your control.

Business Loan

Business Loans

Have an amazing idea for a business? Start your new venture with confidence and no dept by leveraging your crypto assets.

Meet The Modern "Anything" Loan.

  Instant Approvals

  No Credit Checks

  No Installments

  No Late Fees

  Custom Interest Rates

  Repay When You Like

Select Loan Credit Limit

Entering Amount
You'll instantly know what you are eligible to borrow based on how much assets you hold in your Connect wallets. You can choose to borrow that full amount or enter a different amount.

Collateral Asset
You control the Loan to Value (LTV) collateral amount from 25% to 65% with the ability to pull required collateral from your transactional wallets, available balance in your staking wallet or even your reward wallet.

Choose Your Loan Duration

Enjoy freedom and complete control on your borrowed funds. Whether you want to set your loan duration for 30 days all the way to 2 years.

At any point you can extend the length of your loan or pay it off to close the loan.

Pay When You Want.

Enjoy complete flexibility.

Whether you want to make a basic payment towards your loan, add collateral to lower your loan to value or close out your loan. When you pay, how you pay and the amount you pay is in your control.

Enjoy interest-only payments or use our payment scheduler to pay off the balance of your loan each month.

Enjoy Your 'Anything' Loan

Funds will automatically be deposited into your Connect Transactional Wallet. Just simply withdraw and spend as you require.

Managing your loan is easy. Simply log into your Connect account, click on loans and you'll immediately view your active loans, loan summaries, collateral asset details and more.

In one-click you can manage your loan, add more collateral to decrease LTV, or close out your loan early.

Industry Leading Rates.

Short Term APR
30 - 180 day loans

Long Term APR
180 days - 2 years

Enjoy Membership Discounts.

Interest Rate Discount

Interest Rate Discount

Interest Rate Discount

Interest Rate Discount

Interest Rate Discount

Get Your "Anything" Loan From $100 - unlimited

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Multifactor Security

Industry leading Security.

We work with industry leading custody partners to ensure the security of your assets at all times. For even more confidence, store your assets in an offline vault insured up to $100M.

We take the same care in protecting your personal information as we do when protecting your assets. Your personal data is stored in a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant data site and is never stored on our servers.

Use Connect Financial confidently as you unlock the potential of your crypto.

Stay Updated.

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