Reap the Rewards.

CNFI Tokens to
Grow Your Assets Every Minute of Every Day.

Buy and stake CNFI tokens and unlock a world of benefits from accessing exclusive credit card tiers, low credit interest rates, high saving yields and more.

Buy and Stake CNFI Tokens to Unleash the Rewards.

Accelerate your purchasing power and access industry leading rewards.

The CNFI token powers the Connect Financial ecosystem, where holding and staking tokens opens up a range of rewards for our users. Staking more tokens opens up account tiers that offer higher yields, lower fees and exclusive perks.

When you stake CNFI tokens, you also start generating passive yields as a Connect Financial member. Choosing to stake tokens for set amounts of time opens up evolution stake multipliers of up to 40%.
Interest Earning Wallet

Become a Member and Unlock Staking Benefits.

Credit Card Tiers.

As a member, take advantage of credit card benefits, including low interest rates, monthly entertainment credits and cash-back on eligible purchases.

Grow Your Assets.

The more you stake, the more you earn when you fund an interest generating wallet with crypto and fiat. Earn up to 6.25% on held crypto.

Earn With Connect.

Connect Financial regularly performs token buy-backs and rewards its members with redistributing coins to the staking pool.

Earn up to 40% evolution stake multipliers by staking your CNFI tokens for longer periods of time.

Buy and Stake CNFI Tokens.

Holding and staking Connect tokens gives you access to higher tiers of earnings with our world class crypto credit cards.
Connect Crypto Visa Cards

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