Your Privacy, Security and Trust Above All Else.

Store your assets with complete trust with our industry-leading security protocols and multi-layered authentication.

Our security infrastructure team take a holistic approach in protecting your crypto holdings, investments, stored money and crypto card activity. We have built numerous sophisticated measures to prevent the theft of crypto, money and your personal information. We understand the importance of security when you trust your assets with us.

Connect Financial offers financial stability, with healthy reserves, numerous banking relationships and the highest legal compliance standards globally and per localized region.

Supporting Innovation of Crypto and Fiat Worldwide.

Wallet Security

Trusted Coin Storage

We protect your assets both in transit and at rest. Wallet balances are protected by multi layered security protocols including 2FA, MPC-CMP and hardware isolation, protecting against theft, human error and bad actors and savings vaults are secured in a military-grade offline facility.

Information Security

Information Security

We understand the importance of your personal information and how to protect it. Your personal data is never stored on our servers, but rather in our partner's PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant data site. You can have peace-of-mind and trust that the personal information you share with us stays confidential and secure.

Platform Security

Platform Security

Our top security professionals take an advanced risk-based approach to ensure the highest protection for your assets. Our platform is monitored 24/7 with multi-layered and dynamic decision-making frameworks to ensure exceptional performance and security protocol adherence.

Security Features.

Google Oauth
Your login is granted through your Google account and OAuth 2.0, the industry's leading protocol for authorization.
2FA & Biometrics
Your account is protected through 2FA and biometric authentication methods, keeping your account secured at all times.
Secure Custody
Your fiat and crypto holdings are held under secure custody. We take this very seriously and employ multi-factor security technology.
Enjoy peace-of-mind storing with us. Assets held in savings vault wallets are able to be insured up to $100M per account.
Security Monitoring
Constant threat monitoring and account timeout sessions provide additional real-time layers of protection.
Transaction Security
Email confirmation and 2FA authorization are required for wallet and card activity, including at point-of-transaction.

Criminals Don't Rest. Neither Do We. Ever.

Our platform is constantly updated to ensure the highest standards of digital security are maintained. We invest heavily in ongoing privacy and security training for our staff and vendors.
Platform Security