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Connect Financial Announces the Launch of the First Crypto Credit Card.

Posted on May 20, 2021 and as seen on 'Wall Street Journal'.

The New Connect Financial Credit Card Will Allow People to Borrow Money Against their Cryptocurrency.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2021 / Connect Financial is pleased to announce the launch of the world's first true crypto credit card.

As a spokesperson for Connect Financial noted, while there are other cryptocurrency cards on the market, none of them are actual credit cards backed by the user's crypto. The Connect Card is a true credit card and can be used worldwide wherever credit cards are accepted, as well as at ATMs.

"When assets such as Bitcoin are loaded on your card as collateral, we'll extend a line of credit based on portion of its total value, amplifying your purchasing power significantly," the spokesperson noted, adding that people can use their Connect Card with fiat currency, all major cryptocurrencies and a large variety of tokens from various blockchains.

"While some other companies expect people to sell their crypto and load a prepaid card, you won't have to do this in order to use our new card. This way, you can spend while keeping your cryptocurrency intact."

The new Connect Financial crypto credit card will not only allow people to control their funding sources, they can also boost their purchasing power. As a bonus, members can ask for numerous cards if they wish, and can invite friends and family members to participate in the world of cryptocurrency with them.

Connect Financial offers a range of card tiers that match their user's lifestyles and can serve the most demanding of clientele. Their cards boast perks such as insurance from fraudulent activity, telehealth access, airport lounge access, and even personal concierge services.

"Whether you choose to pay off your credit balance via bank transfer, cryptocurrency, or by using deposited balances, our flexibility helps you manage your finances exactly the way you want," the spokesperson noted.

People will be able to use the Connect mobile app to switch cards or currencies when they travel; this will allow them to use whatever is accepted wherever they may be at the time.

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