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Buy and commit CNFI tokens and unlock a world of benefits from accessing exclusive credit card tiers, low credit interest rates, reduced trading fees, entertainment credits and much more.

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Buy and stake CNFI tokens to accelerate your purchasing power and access industry leading rewards.

The CNFI token powers the Connect Financial ecosystem, where holding and staking tokens opens up a range of rewards for our users. Staking more tokens opens up membership tiers that offer lower fees and exclusive perks.

As an additional benefit to our members, your staked tokens also earn passive staking rewards based on your membership tier.
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Commit CNFI Tokens to Become a Member and Unlock Exclusive Benefits.


The more CNFI you stake, the more membership tiers open up to you. Each tier comes with their own premium benefits and rewards. View Memberships

Credit Card Tiers.

As a member, take advantage of credit card benefits, including low interest rates, monthly entertainment credits and cash-back on eligible purchases.

Passive Rewards.

As a member, you earn rewards by committing CNFI tokens on the platform. A generous rewards pool is shared between members every day.

Earn more rewards when you upgrade your membership.

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