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Easily Manage
Crypto and Fiat to Your Needs.

There is a Connect Financial wallet for all of your financial goals. Buy and sell coins, borrow against your digital assets, earn on your crypto or store your assets in an offline, insured vault. Create unlimited wallets and easily manage and grow your holdings.

Basic Wallets

Basic Wallets

Trade, transact and store with control and confidence.

Buy, sell, and exchange a range of crypto coins and ERC-20 compliant tokens. Easily track your balances and manage transactions with a powerful analytics dashboard.

Collateral Wallets

Collateral Wallets

Instantly connect your crypto to get the credit you want.

Simply fund your wallet, connect a card and access credit up to 50% of stored crypto and up to 100% of stored stablecoins. Enjoy unlimited collateral wallets and linked crypto credit cards.

Interest Earn

Interest Earning Wallets

Earn up to 6.25% on crypto savings and 12% on stablecoins.

Start earning interest on your digital assets with no minimum balances or account limits. The higher your membership tier, the higher your projected yields you'll earn.

Vault Icon

Saving Vault Wallet

Store your crypto offline in our state of the art cold storage.

Protected by advanced physical, digital and biometric security measures with provisions for estate planning and insurance of up to $100M. Perfect for long-term saving.

Protection to Trust.

We have partnered with the industry’s leading asset management and settlement networks to offer unparalleled convenience, security and speed of settlement.

Connect Financial partners with PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant providers and offers industry standard security measures as standard on all of our financial products. Use our wallets with confidence with better-than-bank security.
Encryption Security

Trade and Manage.

Create Multiple Wallets
Create unlimited wallets to help you spend, purchase, grow and save your fiat and crypto. See everything at a glance through a centralised dashboard on mobile and desktop.

Buy, Sell and Trade
Buy or transfer and store leading crypto coins like BTC, LTC and ETH as well as many ERC-20 compliant tokens into your multiple-balance wallet. Connect your fiat and crypto in a single wallet and fund your wallet with cash options including SWIFT, SEPA and wire transfers.


Unlock the purchasing power of your crypto without needing to sell your holdings.

Using a Connect Financial crypto-backed credit card and a linked collateral wallet, you can access a line of credit of up to 50% LTV on crypto and 100% on fiat and stablecoins. Manage your collateral balance, pay your bill and track spending through a single intuitive dashboard.


Earn interest on your holdings up to 6.25% for crypto and 12% on stablecoins and fiat.

Store your idle funds in an interest earning wallet and grow your investments without needing to commit to a lock-up period. Maintain full flexibility over your balance and send funds into your crypto earn wallet at any time.


For added peace of mind, a savings vault wallet offers an ideal long term saving solution. Transfer digital holdings into an offline savings vault protected by biometric security, stringent access protocols, physical security and insured up to $100M per account.

Unlimited Crypto. Unlimited Wallets. Unlimited Growth.

Get A Wallet Buy Tokens

Connect Crypto Cards

Live More on Crypto.

Connect your crypto assets to a credit card and bring crypto to your everyday life.

Get the credit you want – no credit checks, no application processes. Load your digital assets and access a line of credit of up to 50% on crypto and 100% of fiat and stablecoin balances.

You can enjoy your crypto credit card in 200 countries with the 55+ million merchants and ATMs.

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